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Elementary Algebra

Textbook: Elementary Algebra 2nd Ed. by Carson/Gillespie/Jordan; Arithmetic Supplement; State Exam Supplement

Course Prerequisite: MAT 0002 or equivalent, or appropriate scores on placement test (CPT).

Course Scope: MAT 0024 is a college prep level algebra course intended to provide you with a foundation in basic
mathematics necessary for studies at the college level. This course will not provide you credits toward your AA degree.
Successful completion of this course will allow the student to proceed to the next course (MAT 1033 – Intermediate

Attendance: Attendance is not mandatory. However, attendance will be taken daily and students are encouraged to attend
each and every class. Regular attendance is essential for complete understanding of the material presented and successful
completion of this course. If you do miss class, you are still responsible for material presented, homework assignments,
and any announcements made during class. You are also responsible to be prepared for the next class meeting.

Classroom Decorum: In order to optimize your learning experience, classroom interruption must be kept to a minimum.
Please make every effort to arrive on time and avoid causing an interruption if you need to leave early. In addition, if you have a cell phone please turn it off or put it in silent mode before entering the class. In case of an emergency you may quietly leave the room.

Academic Dishonesty: Any instance of academic dishonesty will result in a grade of F for the course and can carry an
even more severe penalty such as suspension or expulsion. Take pride in your own achievements, an unearned passing
grade is not worth the paper it is written on.

Homework: Homework assignments will not be collected. This doesn’t emphasize in any way that homework is not
necessary. I strongly recommend and encourage each student to complete each assignment. Failure to complete the
homework assigned will dramatically reduce the student’s possibility of successfully completing the course. Remember,
“THE ONLY WAY TO LEARN MATH IS BY PRACTICING”. The more problems you solve the better you will get at
solving them. The amount of success a student will have in this course depends mainly on how much time and effort is
dedicated to the homework assignments.

Lab Work: The State of Florida requires that students complete 32 lab hours in MAT 0024. The lab is designed to
supplement classroom instruction and assist students who need extra help in the subject. Computer programs, videotapes,
and appropriate handouts are available for this course. Also, tutors are available to serve students having questions.
Students should come to the lab as soon as possible and not wait until the end of the semester to fulfill their lab
requirement. Space is limited to seating only. Students will be credited a maximum of 4 hours per week towards the state
requirement. This policy will be strictly enforced in order to prevent a chaotic situation at the end of the semester.

Exams: There will be 5 exams during the term and one final exam (State Exit Exam) at the end of the term. The final
exam (State Exit Exam) will replace the lowest exam score or one missed exam. The final exam (State Exit Exam) is the
ONLY make-up exam.

- The final exam (State Exit Exam) is a mandatory exam given by the State of Florida. A score of 60% or better is
required in order to pass the course.
- Calculators, books, or notes may NOT be used on exams.

Grading Policy: This course is not based on a letter grade option. The grades for this course are:

- S – SATISFACTORY: Allows you to advance to the next course (MAT 1033). A grade of S requires the following:
1. Complete all exams with an average of at least 70%.
2. Score at least 60% on the State Exit (Final) Exam.
3. Log 32 hours in the math lab.
- P – PROGRESS: Indicates that, although you have acquired some knowledge, you are not ready for the next
level yet. You will be required to repeat the course; your GPA will not be affected.
- U – UNSATISFACTORY: Indicates that you have not acquired the required basic skills. You will be required
to repeat the course; your GPA will be affected.

Important Dates:

- Thursday, February 12: Last day for students to withdraw with a 100% refund
- Thursday, March 5: Professional Development Day (NO CLASS)
- Tuesday, March 31: Last day for students to withdraw and receive a grade of “W”

Course Withdrawal: Students not completing the course for any reason are required to withdraw from the course by the
deadline date. This is your responsibility. Students failing to comply with this procedure will receive a grade of “F” in the course. In addition, the instructor reserves the right to withdraw students who stop attending class from the course without notice. These students will receive a grade of WI (Instructor Withdrawal).

Course Outline

1     Introduction to the Course
2   1.1
Number Sets and the Structure of Algebra
Adding and Subtracting Real Numbers; Properties of Real Numbers
3   1.4
Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers; Properties of Real Numbers
Exponents, Roots
4   1.5
Order of Operations
Translating Word Phrases to Expressions
5 W 2/18 Test 1  
6   1.7
Evaluating and Rewriting Expressions
7   2.2
The Addition Principle
The Multiplication Principle
8   2.4 Applying the Principles to Formulas
9   2.5 Translating Word Sentences to Equations; Geometry Word Problems
10   2.6 Solving Linear Inequalities
11   3.1
Ratios and Proportions
12 F 3/6 Test 2  
13   5.1
Exponents and Scientific Notation
Introduction to Polynomials
Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
14   5.4 Exponent Rules and Multiplying Monomials
15   5.5 Multiplying Polynomials; Special Products
16   5.6 Exponent Rules and Dividing Polynomials by Monomials
17 W 3/18 Test 3  
18   6.1 Greatest Common Factor and Factoring by Grouping
19   6.2
Factoring Trinomials of the form x^2 + bx + c
Factoring Trinomials of the Form ax^2 + bx + c, where a does not = 1
20   6.4 Factoring Special Products
21   6.6 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
22   7.1 Simplifying Rational Expressions
23 W 4/1 Test 4  
24   9.1 Square Roots and Radical Expressions
25   9.2
Multiplying and Simplifying Square Roots
Adding and Subtracting Square Roots
26   4.1
Rectangular Coordinate System
Graphing Linear Equations
Graphing Using Intercepts
27   4.4
Slope-Intercept Form
Solve a System of Equations by Graphing
28   8.2
Solve a System of Equations by Substitution
Solve a System of Equations by Elimination
29 F 4/17 Test 5  
30     Review for the State Exit Exam - practice exams and examples
31     Review for the State Exit Exam - practice exams and examples
32     Review for the State Exit Exam - practice exams and examples

Please note: This schedule may be altered in class at the discretion of the instructor. It is your responsibility to verify dates and topics.

STATE EXIT (FINAL) EXAM DATE: Monday, April 27, 2009, 11:00AM – 12:30PM