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Basic Algebra & Geometry Course Outline

Course Description
In this course students will be introduced to algebraic topics such as working with signed
numbers, simplifying numeric expressions with exponents, combining like terms, multiplying
polynomials and evaluating algebraic expressions. They will learn to distinguish among
examples of the commutative, associative and distributive properties. Students will solve first
degree equations, solve and graph linear inequalities on a number line, graph lines and
investigate slope, slope-intercept form and the x- and y- intercepts. They will become familiar
with elementary topics in geometry such as basic definitions, classification of angles, triangles,
perimeter, area and volume.
Prerequisite: MATH 060 or appropriate score on the math placement test and
ENGL 093 or appropriate score on the English placement test.

Overall Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Add, subtract, multiply, divide and find the absolute value of integers.

2. Evaluate algebraic expressions.

3. Indicate the degree and the number of terms of a polynomial.

4. Add, subtract and multiply polynomials.

5. Solve linear inequalities and graph the solution on a number line.

6. Solve literal equations for a specified variable.

7. Solve single variable application problems involving linear equations and inequalities.

8. Interpret data represented in graphs such as bar graphs and pie charts.

9. Graph a line using the slope-intercept form of a linear equation.

Major Topics
Basic Operations, Absolute Value and Negative Exponents
Algebraic Translations
Order of Operations
Adding, Subtracting and Multiplying Algebraic Expressions
Laws of Algebra
Commutative, Associative, Distributive
Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities
Equations with Parentheses
Literal Equations
Linear Inequalities
Solve word problems using equations
Introduction to Geometry
Basic Definitions, Classifying Angles
Supplementary, Complementary and Vertical Angles
Sum of the Angles of a Triangle
Perimeter, Circumference, Area and Volume
Graphing Linear Equations
Graphing from Tables
Slope, Slope-Intercept
Vertical and Horizontal lines

Course Requirements
The course material has been divided into three units and is delivered using computers.
There are three Unit Exams, a computer average, a notebook grade, required certificates and a
comprehensive final exam. Certificates are in a software package which students purchase and
can load on their home machines. If a home machine is unavailable, students may use computers
in the computer lab.

Other Course Information
Credits awarded for the completion of this course do not fulfill degree requirements in any
degree or certificate program and are not transferable to four-year colleges. Students will find it
necessary to use the computers during times other than their scheduled class time. Extra time
outside class is needed to complete the certificates.